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3/4 Insoles Arch Support Heel Pads Foot Heel Pain

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3/4 Insoles Arch Support Heel Pads Foot Heel Pain Summary

3/4 Insoles Arch Support Heel Pads Foot Heel Pain

These gel arch supports are very similar to normal cushioned insoles in as much as they provide excellent shock absorption. However these arch supports go even further than your average cushioned insole. Incorporated in the arch supports are added supports that offer sustained and targeted support to your arch area. These arch supports are contoured and speciffically designed to adapt to your foot and offer support where it is most critical.

The 3/4 arch supports are designed to suit both men and women’s shoes, as arch support issues are not gender dependant. Slim in design they offer total comfort and ease of use, Taking up minimal space and doing the job they are designed to do, offer support to your arch.

Arch supports are widely use in the podiatry proffession for the treatment of issues such as, Fallen arches (Pes Planus), Pain under the heel, Pain at the back of the heel, Knee pain, Lower back (lumbar) pain or under any circumstances where there is a need for arch supports.

Ideal application for:
Heel pain
Foot pain
Ball of foot pain
Heel spur

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