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Metatarsal Pads Foot Pain in Ball of Foot Metatarsalgia

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Metatarsal Pads Foot Pain in Ball of Foot Metatarsalgia Summary

Metatarsal Pads Foot Pain in Ball of Foot Metatarsalgia

The metatarsal pads / cushions protect the entire metatarsal area, making walking comfortable again. The precut loop on the gel pad easily slips over your toe and provides both cushioning and support for all metatarsal heads. These metatarsal pads can be easily worn under socks/tights, inside shoes or simply alone. 

Excellent for relieving the burning sensation under the metatarsal heads of the foot.

Protects against shear forces, abrasion, friction, and pressure.

May be used as a soft tissue supplement for metatarsalgia.

Ideal for calluses and small neuromas.

Relieve pressure, friction pain and discomfort instant relief.

One size fits all, sold as a pair. 

Ideal application for:
Ball of foot pain

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
rayc - Ray Clarke - 24/05/2013
Immediate relief from years of struggling to walk! Highly recommended to anyone with ball-of-foot pain.

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